Sunday, January 06, 2008

Product Review: Kiehl's Clean Hold Styling Gel

Kiehls is a pretty smart company. They have a loyal clientel and have a unique way of increasing it. Free samples. I have never walked into a Kiehls store without having a handful of new products to take home and try. Last time I went in to return something and sure enough, the bright shiny face behind the counter sent me home with new things to try and love.

Shortly before Christmas I found a couple packets of their clean hold styling gel in my purchase bag. It was excellent timing because Jon had used up our old gel. (It had apparently been sitting on the counter empty for weeks before I tried to use it and noticed it was empty.) I liked the gel so much, that it was quickly added to my Christmas list.

What: Kiehls Clean Hold Styling Gel
How Much: $13.50
Where to buy: Kiehls or Nordstroms
Review: Lets begin with something very important - the smell. It is crucial to me that anything I put in my hair smells fantastic. I love the smell of this. Jon loves the smell of this (or at least he compliments the way my hair smells everytime I use it.
Next, the feel. Really just as important as the smell. I hate stickiness. I usually use a spray gel so I don't get sticky gel hands. This is completely not sticky. After rubbing it in my hands and then hair, I can't even tell there was ever gel on my hands to begin with. Excellent. And because its not sticky it doesn't harden in my hair and make my hair stiff. Even more excellent.
But how does it work? See, here's where I have mixed feelings. It makes my hair super shiny and soft, but as far as hold? It doesn't seem to really have any holding power. At all. I love it, but not necessarily because it keeps my hair in place.


  1. There is always such a big followimg for Kiel's products but I have mever beem a fam, amd mot just bc of the cost either. Like the lip balm, it mever stayed om very well. GL im your search for the perfect gel. I use the browm stuff im the aisle for Africam Amer hair products persomally, great holdimg power amd umbeatable price!

  2. I love Kiehls produdcts! I haven't used their styling products, but I'm all about their other hair and face stuff. I use the shampoo and conditioner also, which has made my hair soooo much healthier. Oh, and the moisturizer is great, too.

    Next time you're there, get some samples of the Yerba Mate (I think) and/or the Bright moisturizer. Works wonders.