Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Perfect Panty Candidate 9

I'm a researcher by nature. Science, history, law, I love the researching aspect of it. So when it came to underwear, you'd better bet I did some major research.

And the #1 recommended underwear is hanky panky's thong. In the spirit of science, I shelled out $18 at Nordstroms for a pair.

These are one size fits all - which right away raises some eyebrows. But, its true. They did fit. The stretchy material just stretches to fit which makes the lace more or less close knit. I do have to say, these are my sexiest new underwear. I absolutely adore the way they look. The dip in the top of the back is complemented by the curve of the bottom of the waistband.

I would love to say the feel was just as good as the look, but it wasn't. It wasn't nearly as comfortable as the DKNYs. They even began the dreaded crawl. Sigh. I guess these are "for show" panties only.


  1. I have some of those.. I have to agree they're way sexy but they crawl. =(

    I got some genera brand ones just like them at Sears of all places and they had some sort of elastic on them to keep them from budging...

    I'll have to rummage through the drawer and to see what brand it was- but they turned out to be a better and cheaper alternative with the same look.

    Even comfy in jeans!

  2. In the battle of Hanky Panky vs. Cosabella, I like the Cosabellas better. And Hanes Perfect Stretch *cough cough*

  3. How can underwear be one size fits all?!

  4. i bought a couple pairs during the anniversary sale when they go 50% off. meh. the colors are cute, but the fit wasn't anything spectacular and they weren't that comfy.

  5. One size fits all makes me nervous. They never quite work out well.