Sunday, January 13, 2008

Perfect Panty Candidate 6

I remember my first day of 1st grade. One of the reasons I remember it was because I had underwear with pink polka dots on them. I was very excited about my underwear, so excited about those pink polka dots that I showed them to everyone in my class. I was very popular in first grade.

Nowadays I am much more private about my underwear designs, but I still get that little zing of happiness knowing there's something exceptionally cute down there. Maybe that's what drew me into American Eagle, because the last time I heard underwear mentioned in correlation with a store like that, it was when Abercrombie was getting in trouble for selling thongs made for children. The underwear is geared for a younger crowd, and because of that is super duper cute. But does super duper cute = comfort?
For the most part, it does! These haven't surpassed the Gap girlshorts, but these boyshorts were cheap ($3.99) and pretty comfortable. There's good coverage in the back, and they're not too low in the front, but still low enough in the back where I wasn't flashing these babies to anyone. I actually was going to write a really crappy review about how uncomfortable the right leg hole was, until I realized the problem was actually a pesky tag on my jeans. Once that tag was removed I forgot I was wearing underwear at all.

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  1. You've got a ton of undies now. Either that, or I'm seriously understaffed for undies.