Monday, January 14, 2008

Perfect Panty Candidate 7

Did you ever read the Velveteen Rabbit when you were a child? Just in case I'll give you a brief synopsis. Child gets new toy for Christmas, old toys fall to the wayside. Poor poor old toys get neglected and feel unloved, until child rediscovers them. It's kinda like Toy Story - Old School.

I've been kinda feeling Velveteen Rabbity about my new underwear collection. I should clarify, I'm not missing my "old underwear" per se. I'm missing my favorite brand. Before this year, 90% of my underwear came from Victoria's Secret. Every time I go to the mall now, I see the store and I hurry past with my head down, ashamed at how I've neglected my old firend, hoping they don't see the bags under my arms containing "new and better" underwear.

Of course, guilt eventually wins out and I went and picked up a pair of my old favorites, "just to have."

I really like the VS Cotton Collection and I'll tell you why. First there's the cotton thing, which we know I have an affinity for. Second is the price. These babies are always on sale. If its not during the semi-annual sale where you can pick them up for $3.99, then they're usually on sale 5 for $25. New since last time is the tagless wonderment which I've mentioned before is my new favorite invention ever. And equally imporant, as boring as these cotton undies are, Jon finds them infinitely cute. It's nice when an old favorite doesn't disappoint.

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  1. That model looks so freakin' tiny. Those undies look even tinier. I'm glad you got some of your old faithfuls. :)