Sunday, October 14, 2007

More minis!

This time its ice cream!!!!!!! I don't have a sweet tooth and its very evident when it comes to ice cream. While Jon can put away a pint of ice cream in a half an hour, it takes me just as long to finish a small bowl.

Mini ice cream sandwiches are perfect for me because honestly, they're just the right amount of ice cream. I thought I was being super smart - I got mango sorbet for Jon who could put away 10 in a sitting, and pistachio ice cream for me, who will eat just one. See, Jon doesn't like nuts in his ice cream - or so I thought. Apparently there is one nutty ice cream he likes - pistachio. So take a good look at these now, because I don't anticipate them being around for long!

Mini ice cream sandwiches
your favorite ice cream
Nilla wafers

1) Place 2 tsps of ice cream on nilla wafer.
2) Top with second nilla wafer.
3) Smooth edges and repeat for as many sandwiches as you want.
4) Freeze until ready to eat.


  1. ice cream and i are bffs -- i couldn't eat just one. :)

  2. Pistachio is Corey's favorite. He becomes a small child when he eats it. YUM!

  3. :::drool:::

    I wanna be John in my next life.. Not to sleep with you though..

    just to eat your food.