Monday, October 15, 2007

Give Me Two Pina Coladas

It's been one of those days. First it rained. Now anyone who's ever driven in Southern California can tell you - rain is a sure fire omen for doom. They skies may just as well have been dropping the sign of the beast. Because as soon as the first drop hits the pavement, everyone in Southern California slams on their brakes and proceeds at 7 mph. Nevermind that its lightly sprinkling. Nevermind that it rained the evening before and is currently not raining. It makes the freeways a nightmare.

Needless to say I was late to work. It only got worse from there. So when I came home I wanted to be as far away from the dreary California weather and drivers as possible. Think sun. Think Carribean, and think alcohol. I made a tall frosty fruity drink, and sat back to watch tv. What a way to unwind. I kept up with the island theme by serving steak I had marinated in Soy Vey's Island Terriyaki, garlic, oil, ginger, and honey. It was oh so Pacific Island. Now if I could just get that warm trade wind........

Mango Raspberry Cremesicle
2 cups ice
1 can frozen oj, thawed
1/2 pint mango sorbet
1/2 pint vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup vanilla vodka
1/2 cup raspberry vodka

1) Combine all in blender until smooth
2) Pour into a pitcher
3) Serve is hurricane glasses


  1. I used to laugh at CA drivers, because rain here is nothing compared to the midwest. Come to find out, the roads really are super duper slippery when it rains! Be careful on your commute!

  2. I thimk this is ome of my favorite meals that you have posted. I am a big beef girl. heh heh.

  3. If you promise not to tell the marathoners...

    I'm soooo making the creamsicle drink this weekend.. I may even have 2..

    Ok 3 what the hey its my B day. I'd KILL for one of those right now.