Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"With all this manure, there must be ponies coming"

What I love about Barbri: I learn an entire subject in three days or less. I wish law school would have been like that. Why did they spend weeks teaching us something that can be learned in three days? Survey says: Its only easy now because we have basic understanding. Okay, I get that, but then maybe the last three days of class could have been a Barbri like review? You know, so I could actually do well on finals? I really think I am learning something because I keep getting more and more multistate questions right (either that or I am becoming the world's most luckiest guesser - either way, it increases my odds of passing)

What I hate about Barbri: At the end of each semester of law school there is great celebration because, for the most part, you NEVER have to look at that subject again. (This was especially true for me and Tax) Today was my last day of Property lecture. Am I celebrating? No. Know why? Cause I still have property questions to do, property essays to write, property notes to review. IT DOESN'T END! There is no break. My light at the end of the tunnel isn't for another 6 weeks, 6 days and 22 hours (yeah, I'm keeping track)!!!!!!!!

At least tonight So You Think You Can Dance is on. That's always a good time. It also means we're in for an easy dinner, since I want to be sitting and not cooking tonight. Usually this means a Trader Joe's meal since I heart Trader Joes.l Tonight its TJ's Pollo Asada which is incroyable (look! English, Spanish, and French all in the same sentence, and I butcher ALL of them!!!!) I love carne asada, but frankly, if it doesn't come from a carneseria its usually crap. (I'm lucky enough to live close enough to Mexico that I can be a Mexican food snob). So I pick up pollo asada instead, cause really, you can't mess up chicken. I toss it on my handy-dandy-how-did-I-ever-live-without-you-grill pan and voila! Dinner is served. I serve it with some TJ's basalmic veggies (cheater cheater pumpkin eater) and garlic/onion/cheddar mashed potatoes. Now bring on the dancers!!!!

PS - I promise to take care of my tag tomorrow, first I have to find 7 other bloggers - bah!

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  1. Bah, indeed! :)

    I love SYTYCD! Hok better make the top 20! I felt kinda bad for the sprained ankle chick tonight.