Saturday, June 23, 2007

Well Helllooooo Civ Pro

Somewhere between graduation and yesterday I might have lost my mind. (If you see it, please return it - it sounds like something I might have use for). I've actually been really excited about Bar/Bri these past few days. (Although I'm sure I would have been just as excited if classes didn't take place on a Saturday) Why? Because we've been doing civil procedure. I <3 Civil Procedure. Federal, California, it doesn't matter. Unlike every other subject it makes sense!

Think of law as a board game, like monopoly. Civil Procedure is the rules to that game. If you don't know them, you won't pass go and you won't collect $200. The rules don't change and they're not negotiable. You take your turn, I take mine. If you don't make the move you wanted to on your turn, too bad, so sad, but you can't go back.

And the California rules? Well, that's like going to play monopoly at someone else's house. "Look, I know how you're supposed to play monopoly, but in our house, when you pass go you have to yell "Gimme my money!" If you don't, you don't get $200." You wanna play the game? You're gonna yell when you pass go. You want to litigate in California, you just gotta play by their rules.

And I can do rules. In fact, I thrive on rules. None of this "theory" nonsense, or "there is no right answer - but you're wrong" stuff you find in every other subject.

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  1. Wow. You really are going to love being a litigator. I wish I felt the way you do! ;)