Friday, June 29, 2007

Daddy wore a tie, mamma never fried a chicken

Ballet, Straight A's, Most Likely to Succeed
Well, Trace got it part right. I can't quite remember my dad ever wearing a tie - he's more of a Hawaiian shirt kind of guy. But the rest of it? Straight on the mark. Especially the part about the chicken. The closest we got to fried chicken was that stuff that came in a bucket with a picture of the man in white. And even that was an uncommon occurrence.

But its been a good day, giving me confidence to attempt something new and scary - fried chicken. I was inspired by Bobby Flay's Throwdown a couple weeks ago. This may sound a little cocky, but if Bobby can do it..... okay, that's not really what I thought - but it did plant the seed in my head. And it was a success! Well success in that the chicken turned a beautiful golden color on the outside and a beautiful "cooked all the way through" color on the inside. (which is more than I can say about Bobby's first batch). I need to work on the seasoning prior to the frying - these were good and fried, but they were lacking in oomph. And far be it for me to serve something lacking in oomph.

But Kate versus the chicken? Kate wins. Hands down.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken
2 chicken breasts
1/2 cup buttermilk
vegetable oil

1) Season chicken breast with salt, pepper, oregano - this is where I may have been a little light handed next time I might add a little more of this stuff and maybe something with kick like chipoltle chili powder or ancho chili powder or something........
2) marinate chicken in buttermilk for half an hour
3) Coat chicken in flour (Jess - I put the flour on a plate and press the chicken into it to coat)
4) Heat oil over high heat, then lower the heat to medium before throwing the chicken in there
5) Fry chicken for 10 minutes on each side


  1. The hubs just looked over and said, "Ooh! What is that? Is that fried chicken?" I didn't answer him, for fear that he will track you down and leave me for you and your kitchen skills.

    I got straight As, too. But I bet that didn't surprise you. ;)

  2. Thanks for the clarification! :-)

    That looks tasty. My mouth is watering.