Monday, June 25, 2007

Parade of Horribles

Wanna know what I learned in class today? I'm not going to make it to the bar. Basically our lecturer spent three hours telling us of every impossible scenario that will occur between now and the test day. They'll be a traffic accident, a hotel fire, brain damage, amputations, zombies will amputate your brain and then eat it, earthquakes, locusts, and the slaying of your first born. 3 hours of this. Somewhere along the line he made the point that even if this happens you'll pass the bar. Everyone passes the bar. People with brain damage pass the bar. Now I'm sure he meant this to be reassuring, but what he's really saying is "You'd have to be a complete and total imbecile not to pass the bar." I'm sure that will make me feel real good about myself come November when the zombie nurse who has eaten my brain wakes me up to tell me I failed.

And just to bring matters home, a guy in my class had his laptop stolen last week. Seriously? Anyone up there? This is NOT the time to be messing with those of us studying. I'm sure its a laugh riot to watch tightly wound people wind themselves up even more, but GIVE IT A REST! And to all my friends out there, don't stand to close to me. Apparently studiers are cursed (and here I was blaming it on the girl in the bowling alley!)


  1. I seem to remember this speech vaguely. ;)

    Hang in there!

  2. Yikes! I cam semse the frustratiom. But we're rootimg for you, amd mo matter what happems, you'll still be ome of the kimdest amd fummiest people I kmow.

  3. Definately the worst speeh ever, I wanted to smack him if I could. They way he spoke drove me ntus too. I am with ya there!!

    I hope you're doing well!