Saturday, June 23, 2007

"A day in the park" or "Maybe we shouldn't have children"

So last night I finished up studying and it was still daylight out. This is a rather rare occurrence so Jon and I made the best of it. We took our shiny new basketball to the park. Turns out I'm amazing at basketball. As long as no movement is involved. Standing and shooting? I got it down, but if my legs get involved? Let's just say Jon did a lot of laughing yesterday.

After basketball we headed to the playground so Jon could go down the slide. Cause I'm all of about 9 I stuck the basketball under my shirt.
Me: Will you still love me when I'm pregnant and look like this?
Jon: Turn sideways....(I turn sideways) Ummm, probably not.

At this point Jon grabs the basketball and jumps on the swings yelling "Baby likes to fly" before kicking the basketball from the top of his arc.

And this is why we're in no hurry to bring a life into this world.

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