Thursday, June 21, 2007

Some people just don't get it

Studying for the bar sucks. But you know what sucks worse? People who don't understand that you're studying for the bar.
Case Study #1:
My friend X wrote me an email complaining that she's sooooo busy on the weekends. I'm sorry. Weekends? What are those again? I don't seem to remember since I'm in class from Monday-Saturday and then in the library directly after. YOU'RE busy weekends? Don't complain to me.

Case Study #2:
When I was planning my wedding I became friends with a group of girls. We spent a lot of time on gmail during the day email each other. And then it became fairly obvious, there were a couple of girls who never really learned the fine art of communication. They began monopolizing the email threads talking about themselves and topics that makes grass growing look interesting. The gmail threads began getting smaller and smaller as people stopped participating because frankly, how many times can you hear about wall colors? (and I'm not joking, that is really the topic of conversation) Then came the immaturity where they started talking about how much they hate the OC Nesties, who I adore. When I started studying for the bar I looked at it as my way out of these soul sucking email chains. I told the girls to take me off the threads, which is all well and good except one of the selfish idiots can't quiet understand what the phrase "please don't email me" means and I continue to get threads that are hundreds of emails long. Look, I REALLY don't have the time to read emails, especially when they're about nonsense that NO ONE wants to read. Todays topic? Moving refrigerators...I kid you not.


  1. Case Study #3: Non-lawyers don't understand billable hours. Think the lack of comprehension of how grueling studying for the bar sucks? (Yes, I know -- that last sentence sucked itself.) Well, prepare yourself for all the blank stares when you explain to your non-lawyer friends about billable hours.

    When that comes, at least you'll have Diane and me.

    Hang in there! You're doing the right thing -- ignore the stupid emails!

  2. Hey, WeeMo, I may not understand, but at least I'll pretend!

    Kate, I'm trying to stay off your jock. If I wasn't I would be camped out on your frond porch until you came out to play again.

  3. No one understands, it seems like they never will.