Monday, June 04, 2007

Lets name our first son Mister!

I'm not quite sure what happens to me when I lay down in bed, but as soon as the lights go out I feel an irresitable urge to talk. I think its either too many, or not enough, sleepovers as a kid. Honestly, I get giggly and have been shushed on more than one occasion. Last night I .wanted to talk about stupid celebrity baby names. This quickly degenerated into REALLY bad names for our own future unborn children (poor, poor, future unborn children. They don't know WHAT they're getting themselves into) We vetoed plenty of perfectly good names like "Wind" and "Cloud" before settling ourselves into professions. After considering names like "Doctor" and "Judge" we decided on "Mister" cause how cool would that be? I just keep thinking of them paging him over the loudspeaker "Would Mr. Mister ____ please report to the waiting room?" AWSOME. Good thing we still have a few more years before we have to worry about that kind of stuff.

Yesterday was my day off from studying and I made the most out of it. I kinda cheated a little and did some studying in the evening (Old habits die hard). We started out with brunch at Five Crowns. Five Crowns is one of my parents favorite restaurants. Its a Lawry's restaurant, which means they are known for their steaks. In fact, Jon and I usually get the prime rib when we go for dinner. This was our first time for brunch though, and it definitely was worth it. It's a 2-course meal, but Jon and I both started out with the same course - Strawberries and cream. Hey, who can say no to a ripe strawberry? From there on though we took two decidedly different courses. Jon got the prime rib hash. It was really good, but I'm not a meat for breakfast girl. No bacon, no sausage, and probably not prime rib. Jon was happy though, he described it as "prime rib meets french onion soup meets potatoes." Ummmmm okay....... On the other hand, I had one of my favorite combinations - eggs and spinach! I had the eggs Florentine which was Yorkshire pudding stuffed with spinach and topped with two poached eggs. It was great!

AND it left us full enough to continue on with the rest of our exciting day. Hold on to your seats kids cause we're going to Roger's Gardens. In all honesty, Roger's Gardens is just a gigantic nursery, but there's something soooo cool about it because it really is so large. There are multiple rooms full of orchids, giant fronds, a rose garden, and so on. They pipe relaxing music throughout the whole place and you really get a great sense of calm as you wander amid plants, flowers, cacti, and birds. Jon caught this little guy which is the first bluebird he's ever seen. And we picked up a little souvenir - a basil plant for me. I go through so much basil, I'm really excited to have my own plant to use! Especially cause I'm making pesto later this week.

We then went to see Shrek III with my folks. My mom has never seen a single Shrek movie, its very much not her thing. In fact, one of the things I think she loves most about me is that I go see these movies with my dad so she doesn't have to. I saw the previous two movies with my dad, so of course I HAD to see the third with him too. Mom tagged along because she wanted to see me. Yes people, I am THAT important that people will go see movies they don't want to see just to have the opportunity to sit next to me. I liked the movie, the baby Shreks are adorable. Dad loved the movie, thought it was the best one yet. Mom thought the wicked step sister was hysterical. And Jon? Jon turned to me after the movie and asked "Did I like the first two movies?" If you have to ask..........

Then it was back home for some good old fashioned Barbri. Yeah, even on my days off that big red book haunts my dreams. We'll try again for a day off this weekend and hope I'm a little more successful!


  1. I love brunch. It's my favorite meal of the day.

  2. No meat for breakfast! For shame!