Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! As soon as we moved to Southern California my dad and I instituted an annual tradition of going to Disneyland every year for Father's Day. My dad loves Disney. LOVES Disney. My mom insists that the only reason he had kids is so he didn't feel like a pervert going to Disney movies. The day after we moved to Orange County, my dad loaded us all into the car and we went to get annual passes. My mom? Not the biggest Disney fan. So Father's Day was always our day - my dad got to spend the whole day with someone who actually wanted to be there, and my mom got a free day.

This year the whole family got in on the action. Partly because as much as my mom doesn't like Disney, she loves spending time with all of us. So mom, dad, Jon, Alex, and I headed to the happiest place on earth.

We spent the day going on all my dad's favorite rides and getting him all his favorite Disney foods. Yay for dads! I got him light up Mickey ears which he wore all day...even to dinner.

For dinner we went to Chakra, because I was craving some Indian food. Mom and Dad? They're a little skeptical about Indian food, partly due to the fact they're not familiar with it. I love the spices, the flavors, the way the food is perfectly counterbalanced between hot and sweet.
We all got different dishes, which I love cause I can sample everyone's foods.
Jon got lamb hyderabadi, which was rich and moist.

My mom and I both got the Chicken Tikka Masala, which is one of my favorite dishes (so cliche, I know). I love the sweetness of the Masala sauce which is basically Indian marinara. The added spices balance the dish so its not too sweet.

Alex had the Chicken Chettinad which was the spiciest dish at the table, next to my masala, it was my favorite. In fact it was my favorite until I took a bite of my masala and remembered how much I love the sweetness.

And my dad had the Chicken Bhuna, which tasted very much like the Chicken, but with less spice. This mild dish was probably the perfect "introduction" for my dad.

Of course we rounded out the meal with some Naan. I love Indian food.

We came home with full bellies and sunburnt faces, but definitely happy.


  1. We had Indian today, too!

    And...I'm with your mom. ;)

  2. OMG this is TOOOOOO weird - the 10YT family ALSO had Imdiam food! Made by, ahem, 10YT!

    Great pictures, I especially love....mever mimd. Beebee is too cute im those ears, btw.