Friday, June 15, 2007


Okay, so I'm not terribly disappointed that Ricky and Ashlee got voted on. Ashlee's final dance? Was that even a dance? It kinda looked like when I jump around the apartment to music....when I'm pretending I'm a professional dancer. Or like that Saturday Night Live routine where there are modern dancers who leap about and throw themselves around.

And as for Ricky? I truly and honestly believe Cat tipped the judges $10 to get rid of that guy. Cause he's a pretty good dancer, but he's WEIRD. And he can't stop touching her. And making inappropriate comments. He makes me uncomfortable and I don't have to stand next to him. Did you see how he wouldn't let go of her hand? Cat totally threw that one.

The best dance of the week though was definitely Lacey and Kameron. Seriously. I was near tears. It helps that I love Lacey too. I'm pulling for her. She's talented and this dance proved she can do more than just swing. HOT.

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  1. Totally agree re Ashlee and Ricky, although I would've liked to see what Ricky could do later, even though he was creeeeeeeeepy.

    I really liked The Triplets of Belleville number.

    Not a Lacey fan. (Commence booing now.)