Saturday, July 21, 2007

Why I'm surprised we've yet to have a woman president

Conversation between Jon and one of his friends from law school last week:

J's friend: So when do you and Kate head up to THE BAR?
J: Oh, I'm not going. Just Kate.
J's friend: You're not taking off work to go with her?
J: Why would I go with her?
J's friend: You know, so you could make her sandwiches for lunch.
J: *blank stare*

- This conversation brings up a couple very interesting points
1) It must be nice to be independently wealthy enough to take off a week of work to make sandwiches for someone.

2) Seriously, Jon didn't ask, but do you think J's friend's wife (now ex-wife) went with him to THE BAR when he took it and made him sandwiches?

3) Can a man who has made it through 12 years of pre-college education, 4 years of college education, and 3 years of legal education not make his own sandwiches?

4) For someone sooooo concerned with my well being during THE BAR, do you find it obnoxious that this fellow is spending the night at our apartment the night before I leave for THE BAR? (Otherwise known as "the night of no sleep" or "Kate's last night to freak out at home" - in contrast with "Kate's last night to freak out in the hotel" which will occur the following night) There better be a stack of sandwiches waiting for me Monday morning when I get up.

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  1. This friend is an idiot. I hate him on your behalf.

    Where are you taking "THE BAR"? Maybe I can bring you a sandwich. ;)