Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 1

I'm exhausted. Completely exhausted. Not to say that the day didn't go well. I got to the test center and as I sat waiting to begin I came up with this brilliant epiphany - It's only a three hour test, I just have to take 6 of them. For some reason the thought of taking 6 tests is much less intimidating than 1 18 hour test. Its like finals. I can do finals.

The person beside me didn't show up today. On one hand that kinda freaks me out. Who doesn't show up for the bar? On the other hand I have lots of extra room to spread out my stuff. Not that I need it. It's plenty roomy in the test center.

The girl two down from me is either really stupid or her boyfriend is a little overprotective. He had to help he turn on her computer, start examsoft, and place her exam number on all of her test papers. Turns out girl and boyfriend spent all summer in Costa Rica studying for the bar there. Hmmm I guess that's two more people I can knock off my competition list.

The test itself went fine. Three essays this morning - Landlord/tenant, products liability, and evidence. This afternoon was the performance exam. As I was writing this morning I decided the essays are my favorite part of the test. 1 hour and they're done. I like that I feel a sense of completion every hour. Its kinda zen. This afternoon I took out my earplugs for a couple of minutes and listened to the sound of 900,000 people typing. It sounded like rain.


  1. You got damn near poetic at the end of this post!

    So glad to hear that it's not going horribly. (I'm not going to jinx you!) BOTH people next to me left after day one. Yay for people like these!

    Oh, and re taking photos in Court, you can do it when there's nobody there. I happened to do it when court was sort of in session (although the judge was in chambers). Big no-no!

    Ontario is a good venue. It *is* roomy there!

  2. So far, so good! That's what I like to hear!