Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 2

Today started out okay. Walk to the test center. As I was walking this guy turns to me:
Guy: You look really familiar
(Shit, am I getting hit on? This is a weird time to pick someone up)
Turns out we went to high school together. Remember I told you I used to be in audition based singing groups? Well this guy was in one of those groups with me. And the group only had like 16 people in it, so now I feel like super-bitch for not remembering him and thinking he was hitting on me.

Sit in my assigned seat. I noticed there were a couple preggos in the room. I can't imagine it makes the test easier, but then again, they have a couple more months before work starts so maybe I missed out on a smart move. Eh, I'll stick with my puppy plans.

I love my proctor. She's a super sweetie. She gives us verbal gold stars and thanks us for making her job so easy. AND she has the good gossip. Turns out 7 people left yesterday from our room after viewing the essay questions. Closed up their computers, told the proctors they couldn't do this and were escorted out. She shook her head. "They didn't even try."

The morning questions weren't so bad. The guy in front of me left early again. He does this EVERY session. He leaves an hour early. Now, I'm not saying it takes me a full 3 hours to do the questions, but it does take me 2 hours and 50 minutes to answer the questions, go over the ones I'm unsure about, and check my answers for the ones I'm more confident about. This guy must have balls the size of Wisconsin, cause there's no way he has time to answer the questions and give them a second look.

After lunch things took a turn for the worse. The cramps started in, and I began to think those preggos might have been on to something. Then there were the questions. Bleh. They were ridiculous. There were questions on Wills! There's not supposed to be wills questions on the multi-state! And they tested on torts we never covered in school or Barbri. There were so many questions I was just clueless on. And there was a whole section of D's which always freaks me out, but reading other blogs leads me to believe it might just be an evil ploy of the test makers. And I have to admit, if my job were coming up with questions all day I could definitely see myself being evil and making a million of one letter in a row. I would also try spelling out words with the correct answers. Good thing that's not my job. Giant Balls left an hour early in this one too. I hope he fails. Seriously, at least sit in your seat and pretend to check your answers dude. You're not impressing anyone.

At least there's only one day left!


  1. Giant Balls guys is NOT passing. I repeat: NOT PASSING.

    One more day! One more day!

  2. hang in there -- just one more day :-) my husband had a horrible bar experience (to the degree where we can now never stay at the westin in pasadena) and it all worked out alright. lots of good luck vibes to you for tomorrow!