Friday, July 06, 2007

Dead Men Tell No Tales

At least that's what I was thinking today in our last substantive lecture - Wills and Trusts. Of course, it doesn't help when they inform you a constructive trust is "giving a treasure map that leads to buried treasure"

Honestly, THAT'S what probate is missing. Pirates. Every Will problem should be based on Pirates:
"Long John Silver leaves everything to Davy Jones in a will. But Long John Silver does not realize that he has children from various wenches throughout the seven seas. If these children find out about the will, what rights do they have to Silver's booty?" (And yes, every question should also try to work in the word booty)

I also started playing the mnemonic game today. Oh its a fun game. Not as fun as say, Life, or Jeopardy, but my idea of fun is VERY different than it was 2 months ago. Here are my good ones for you:

Trustee's Duties: "Lemonade Is Excellent" Said Dear Aunt Daisy. (Loyalty, Investment, Earmarking, Segregation, no Delegation, Accounting, Due care)

State Investor duties: Gold Canaries Fly, Singing Songs. No Bird's Near Sighted (Government bonds, Certificates of deposits, First deeds of trust, Sometimes Stocks, No new Business, No Second deeds of trust)

And my FAVORITE, Prudent Person Investor Duties: GoldFinger Caught Bond. Miss Moneypenny Notifies British Naval Service. (Government bonds, First deeds of trust, Certificates of Deposit, Blue chip stocks, Maybe Mutual funds, No new Business, No Second deeds of trust)


  1. If I had to take the bar exam right now, I would surely fail.

  2. Is this the CALIFORMIA bar you're studyimg for? Because I didm't umderstamd amy of the stories. Just goes to show how much smarter you are tham me. Kate - you meed a day off from studyimg, you're startimg to scare me. ;-) PS - I miss you! I get little sparks of jealousy readimg about whem you have other people over for dimmer.