Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stepping it Up

There are only 6 study days left before THE BAR, so I've upped the game a bit. Everyday I'm focusing on one multi-state subject and one essay subject. Today was Corporations and Torts. Torts I'm definitely at the comfortable stage with, but Corporations is still a scary subject for me, or so I thought.

Study plan:
1) 50 Mixed MBE questions - 88%, yay! Maybe I am learning something!
2) Review/memorize/shorten outlines for Corporations and Agency - I really love the little one page tear out for agency
3) 2 Corporations essays - Nailed these guys. Honestly, they came so easy I was worried I missed some major issues (only one duty breached? That can't be right!) but I didn't. And frankly, I think my organization of the issues was better than the sample (of course that could explain the "above average" I got on my organization/format. This was a really good boost because I felt like this was a weak spot of mine, but apparently its not as weak as I thought.
4) Review/memorize/shorten outline for Torts - got it down to one page, could have gone shorter, but I felt anxious about removing some rules that weren't tested in practice
5) Torts MBEs - I did about 50 of these too, just to keep the streak going....it didn't.
6) Listen to Torts CDs. My walks to and from the library are not as fun as they used to me. But since I'm an aural learner I'm hoping to pick up a few minor details.

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