Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Remedy is the experience

The good news is, today wasn't as bad as yesterday.
Remedies - 1 page outline. Woot Woot.

Remedies Essay - ummm, helllloooo. Seriously? I mean, I had read about this question on Amanda's blog, and I thought that prepared me, but WHAT THE HECK IS A PURCHASE MONEY RESULTING TRUST? Don't you think maybe this is something someone should have taught us either in Trusts or Remedies? Naw, that would be waaaay too easy.

Professional Responsibility - 1 page outline, and I think I actually learned it this time - unlike all the other times I tried to learn it. I finally figured out that the mnemonic isn't Court Don't Prefer (which I could never figure out what the P stood for), it's Court's Feel Differently (Candor, Fairness, Dignity)

Professional Responsibility Essay - My newfound knowledge really came into play here and I hit almost all the issues, I think I may have missed one - but hey, I'm not perfect

Property - review, still working on shortening the outline

Property multistate questions - Hey! Even on PMBR I got in the 70s! (See WeeMo, I can kick this things ass if I want to) Which leads me to believe I got property down and should turn my attention elsewhere

Still to do this week:
- pick up some gatorade
- pick up some water
- make my lucky bar t-shirt
- pack
- makes some lunches

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  1. I love that you are going to make a lucky Bar shirt.

    Confession: I wore the same gray Ralph Lauren sweatshirt when I took my SAT, Achievement Tests (yes, I'm so old that I pre-date the SAT IIs), LSAT, and California Bar Exam. It is the Sweatshirt o' Success.