Saturday, July 21, 2007

This just made me feel so much better

I found this on someone's blog today:

"California Bar Exam
I've read a few blogs from those who are taking the California Bar Exam and I am a bit surprised by what they have written. Personally, I am not taking the bar exam too seriously. I've spent about 20 minutes a day, at most, reviewing the material. Since I never studied in law school (I have a photographic memory of what the professors talked about) and only visited the law library twice, I see no need to spend countless hours studying for the bar. Even if I failed, the punishment is fairly light: I get to take it over again. Oh well. The punishment in law school was far worse if one failed--dismissal. Somehow I passed. Since I passed law school, which is far tougher, I see no reason to spend extra efforts on a fairly simple exam."

1) I hope everyone follows this guy's train of thought. It will be so much easier to pass the bar if people are only "reviewing the material" 20 minutes a day.
2) "photographic memory" refers to seeing something and being able to picture the exact image in your head, you know like a PHOTOGRAPH. If you are remembering things your professor SAID this is not photographic memory.
3) Law school does not equal the California Bar Exam. My last semester of law school I took a class. I failed to purchase the book. I missed more classes than I attended. During class I didn't take notes. I started "studying" a few days before the final which consisted of me downloading other people's outlines off the internet and reading them. Not only did I pass the class, but I got a REALLY high grade on the final. Should I attempt this plan of action for THE BAR? (Can anyone else hear Honigsberg saying "Gooooddd Ideaaaaa?")


  1. Love it!!! And I could definately hear him saying that.

  2. This guy is an idiot. I hope he fails. The Bar does NOT equal law school. Dumbass.