Saturday, July 21, 2007

"The Constitution must be dead" or "How studying for THE BAR ruins a good time, part II"

Jon rented "The Last Mimzy" tonight....apparently whoever wrote this doesn't believe in the Constitution. Jon got mad at me because I went off in a HUGE tizzy. Here are my set offs:

1) Police/FBI/STATE ACTORS come to the main character's house and demand to come in and search:
Dad: Do you have a search warrant?
FBI: I don't need a warrant, I have probable cause.

WHAT??????? Since when do you not need a warrant TO SEARCH SOMEONE'S HOME if you have probable cause? Dad should have said "Take your probable cause to the magistrate and get yourself a search warrant."

2) Police/FBI/STATE ACTORS bring main characters to headquarters and place them in a room where they are videoed as the kid confesses to his parents. HAVE THEY BEEN READ THEIR MIRANDA RIGHTS? I scream. Jon shusshes me. YOU CAN'T BRING PEOPLE INTO CUSTODY WITHOUT READING THEIR MIRANDA RIGHTS!

Seriously Kamisar would be ALL over this shit.

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