Saturday, July 28, 2007

What do you get...

when you combine:
8 girls
6 of whom have just finished taking the bar
1 of whom is getting married next week?

Answer: you get a bachelorette party where everyone is looking to have a good time.

Haley and Ben began dating in high school. Everyone knew they were going to be married, even Haley and Ben. This was so true, that when Ben asked Haley if she'd marry him, she didn't realize he was proposing.

When she did realize, Haley also realized she had a problem. How was she to plan a wedding AND finish her last year of law school AND study for/take the bar??? Haley's solution? A destination wedding. She hired a Hawaiian wedding coordinator and left everything up to her. She bought a dress over Christmas break. Now that the bar is over, all she has to do is show up. She leaves for Hawaii tomorrow, so last night we sent her off in style.

We started out at an amazing restaurant in Hillcrest - Gulf Coast Grill. I'm a little biased because I love cajun food. The margaritas were flowing and the jambalaya was spicy! There was so much food, and so much good times. (That can't be grammatically correct, but as Haley said, I just finished a 3 day 18 hour test, its impressive enough that I can string together a sentence)

After dinner we headed to the Lamplighter for some kareoke. Unfortunately none of us were drunk enough to take the stage. Even more unfortunately the people who did take the stage were TERRIBLE! We were covering our ears at one point in time. One rendition of White Wedding was so bad that we asked the cop among us if we could borrow her gun.

Overall it was a great evening and I'm so excited for Haley's upcoming nuptials!!!! This time next week she's going to be Mrs. Ben!!!!

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