Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday: Valentine's Day Wrap Up

I hope you all had a very lovely Valentine's Day.  Mine was less than stellar.  Poor Thatboy.  It's not fun to celebrate with a sick wife!  I sent him to work with special heart shaped burgers and banana bread for lunch.  For Thatbaby, I made heart shaped french toast.

Thatboy got off work early, came home, and got to work on his Valentine's Day gift to me.  First he cleaned off our dining room table which has taken a beating this week.  Then he made me dinner, lobster ravioli with porcini mushroom sauce.  Which I ate half of, on the couch.  Seriously - what a terrible wife I am!  Wanna know what makes me even worse?  Know what my Valentine's Day gift to Thatboy was?  Well as of Friday, it was nothing!! NOTHING!  I ordered him his favorite chocolates - and due to inclement weather...somewhere...their delivery was delayed.  I also ordered him some of his favorite body wash.  Which the post office says was delivered Friday at noon.  It wasn't.

I hope all of you had a more successful day that we did!

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  1. #postofficefails. What happened to the "in rain, sleet, or snow" motto??