Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Runday: Ready or Not...

Today's the day!  My first race of 2014.  My first 10-mile race!  (Not my first 10 mile run, but the first time I'll get a medal for running 10 miles).  Which means that however I do, it's going to be a PR.  Which is a good thing, since I'm not expecting to do so well.

You see, as is my usual luck, I happened to get sick RIGHT before the race.  On Tuesday to be exact.  With Bronchitis to be more exact.  I've been super babying myself (talk about a taper week!) and taking good care of myself.  And I won't be running my little heart out, it'll be more of a measured jog.  But I don't want to miss what should be a truly amazing race. 

At least it better be - the expo was a bit disappointing, so much so I have no pictures of that to share with you.  Instead, just think good thoughts for me and my little lungs.  See you on the other side of the finish!


  1. Be careful and have fun chica!!

  2. I hope you rocked it, lady! I'm super impressed your even thinking about it after being sick. I am so wimpy when I'm filling under the weather!

  3. Bronchitis is the worst. The worst! Kudos to you for running through it!

  4. I remember it was a dreadful period for me. My son was running like crazy and my husband and I had to divide our house in two territories of "jurisdiction" so as not to have to run around the whole place haha!