Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Beginning of the 2014 Birthday Season

Once you have a kid, you'll find your weekends are beyond busy.  There's the typical errand-running busy, because goodness knows you can't get anything accomplished during the week, between work and daycare pickups and dropoffs.  And after the first year, birthday season guarantees that Monday morning will have you wondering where your weekend went.  Last year, the "birthday season" didn't start until April for us.  That's when we started having party after party to attend.  This year we apparently hit some kind of birthday lottery, because the parties have already begun.  At least for right now they're starting slow, we have one party a month for January, February, and March.  January's party was for Lexus.  She had her party at an indoor play area.  Thatbaby had an incredible time.  He loved playing in all the different play areas, from the supermarket to the firetruck, to the castle.  He played games, he danced, he ate cake.  And he didn't want to leave.  As soon as he finished his cake, he was begging to go back into the main area.  Looks like we'll be heading back sometime soon.

An attempt at musical chairs with hula hoops wasn't too successful since Thatbaby preferred to pick his hoop up and play with it.

When you're 2 (or 3) playing hide-and-seek means everyone hides in the same place.  


  1. Oh I remember that period! My son had a more active social life than we did haha! He attended more parties in one year than those I attended in my entire high school period!

  2. The.Boy and I are starting celebration season now with V-Day, my birthday, our anniversary, and his birthday. All within four weeks of each other. It's crazy!

  3. I am still tryig to figure out where my weekends go...(laugh).