Monday, February 03, 2014

Mommy Mondays: How to Deal with Toddlers and Snow

Gotcha.  I have no advice on this topic.  I was a toddler in Florida, and this is the closest Thatbaby is probably going to.  Playing in snow in 65 degree weather.


  1. Haha adorable. I think the only way to "deal" is to just get in the snow and start playing along with them!

  2. Hehe. As an Arizona toddler, it's unlikely H will ever be in the snow unless we drive a really long way to see it.

    He'll probably look at it and be like... what IS that?! (he's like that with rain, too)

  3. Amen sister! Lol. Born and raised in Florida that is the closest I have come to experience snow too.