Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Giveaway

A couple weeks ago I emailed my friend Michelle to complain to her about my lack of reading material.  You see, after 2 years I have finally made it through the pile of reading material that had been stacked beside my bed since September of 2011. 

Well, I actually made it through my list in October 2013, and kicked around until one of my favorite authors new book came out in November and it took me a couple of months to finish that.

But I digress.  My reason for complaining to Michelle is that typically in the fall I don't have to worry about finding reading material, because Michelle times her latest book to come out right at that time.  As if she knows that's my reading lull period.  Except in 2013, Michelle failed me.

Luckily she promised that 2014 would not go by without the third part of her trilogy.  And she promises that this one will be right up my alley.  And she gave me a list of recommendations that would last me until then. 

Until then, I leave you with an extra special treat.  A gift from me to you - Michelle's first two books!  Just in case you haven't read them yet.  So you can catch up before the third comes out this year.
  Want to get reading?  Just leave a comment.  Tell me your favorite book you've read lately.

That's it!  The only thing you have to do to potentially have some shiny new reading material.  

The contest will end on Monday, February 24th at midnight PST.  Winner will be notified on February 25th.


  1. Ooo FUN! A favorite book that I've read recently is The Fault in Our Stars.

  2. I'm currently reading True Evil by Greg Iles, but I will definitely be in need of a new book after I finish!

  3. I don't know if it's my favorite, but I just read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. Hello, weird.