Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sunday Runday: Favorite Running Tools

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but last year I joined a running group.  It was before my whole weekend run at the beach idea with Thatboy and I liked the idea of having someone to do my longer runs with.  With a running group, there's always someone out on the weekend going for a long run.  Of course, since our plan began I'm not the best running partner.  It's not so easy to plan a run when the plan is something like "Hey everyone, doing an 8 miler on Sunday...not sure when, not sure where.  It'll depend on what time the kid wakes up and what beach the husband wants to surf at." 

But at least it's given me a great community to discuss running with, and people to look out for at future races.  Last week we were discussing our favorite running items.  The top two items on everyone's list were foam roller and compression sleeves.  I'm TERRIBLE at using the foam roller (and really I should be better) and I've never found the need for compression sleeves.  I thought I'd share my list with you, just as I did them.

Vibrams (on sale right now for $75 from  One of these days I'll do a full write up about my vibrams and why I love them so, but the short story is, since running in them I've found I don't have any injuries.  No shin splints, no IT band pain, and even Thatmom stopped having ankle problems when she switched over.  I don't use them for long distances though, so my long training runs are in my regular sneakers, and my short weekday runs are in the Vibrams.

Moving Comfort Sports Bras ($46), A must for any busty runners.  These are my favorite sports bras.  No bounce and I found they worked well even during nursing.

Sweaty Bands ($12-18), I love these because they're cute and functional.  You don't always get both.  But these are attractive and really keep your hair out of your face.  Most importantly, they don't slide around or need to be readjusted. 

Body Glide ($6), Amazon.comYou know how I know this stuff works?  When I don't wear it, I get raw spots.  When I wear it?  Nothing.  Last week I placed it everywhere my bra touched -  top and front of shoulders, chest, etc.  But not my back.  Guess who has 2 little red spots below her shoulder blades?  Those little spots aren't so big a deal, and they're very minor, but I've had bad chafing before and it is very not fun.

Jelly Belly Sports Beans ($1.25), My fuel of choice.  The ever popular shot blocks are too chewy for me and get stuck in my teeth (which is annoying).   But these are really just jelly beans.  So not too sticky.  Easy to digest (don't bother my stomach).  And small enough to make them easy to tuck in my belt.

Spibelt ($20), I know, it's a glorified fanny pack.  But it's small and slim, and a must when you do your running with a dog.  Because tucking waste bags into your pants is very uncomfortable.  And since I'm a big proponent of running with a phone in case of emergencies, this is good because it can carry that too.  Mine usually holds aforementioned bags, a phone, an id, and my key.

What about you?  What are your favorite running tools?

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  1. I couldn't live without my foam roller, so that's defintiely high on my list! And I am in huge need of new sports bras. And body glide. Usually I just use vaseline but it's not 100% effective. And during a marathon, you want something that's 100% effective.