Friday, February 28, 2014

Party Pants

The problem with being sick, is I miss out on some fun things.  While I was in bed, recovering from my 10 mile race, the boys headed out to one of Thatbaby's monthly birthday parties.

Thatbaby had an incredible time at this one.  The picture above shows Thatbaby riding in the train that they hired to drive the kids around the park.  He rode it many, many, many times.  And there was a giant bounce-house for the kids to play in.  Complete with a big slide that Thatbaby spent time sliding down with his friends.

It's really kind of fun to watch Thatbaby interact with his school friends outside of school.  They're always so happy to see each other - even though they see each other every day.  There's a level of comfort there.  I know there's some debate about "friend" birthday parties for young kids, but they really do form bonds at such a young age.

Thatbaby came home so excited to tell me about how much fun he had and everything he did.  He clutched his mini-m&m container in his hand like a hard earned trophy.  He crawled in to bed with me, laying his little head down on the pillow so we could take a nap together.  As we cuddled under the covers I realized that sometimes even when you miss out on the fun things, you still get to experience some of the best stuff.


  1. Cuddles and one on one time really is the best stuff.

  2. I'm sure those cuddles helped you get better sooner!