Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Product Review: T3 Featherweight Dryer

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I bought a hair dryer. The details are fuzzy, but I'm sure it was around $18.99 or something. It lasted me from senior year of high school, up until November of 2007. Then it died. It just wouldn't turn on.

I did my research. I found the best hairdryer on the market. Reviews raved about how it changed their lives. It was written up in every publication that wrote up those kind of things. The only problem was that it was $200. $200 for a hair dryer? I don't own a suit that costs $200! I narrowed my search to hairdryers that could be purchased at stores like Target and picked up the best cheap-o hairdryer out there for $20.

I didn't love my cheap-o hair dryer. It was really loud. It made my hair frizzy. And fine hair that's flat and frizzy is very unattractive. I complained to Jon about this hairdryer and how my life would be perfect if I could just get my hands on that expensive hairdryer.

You'll never guess what I got for Christmas!

What: T3 Featherweight Hairdryer
How Much: Retails for $200. Jon got it for $80 technically. It's a long and drawn out story.
Where to buy: T3, Nordstroms, Sephora, Ulta, Folica
Review: I absolutely love this hairdryer. I will never ever ever go back to a cheap-o hairdryer again. First lets talk about noise. There is practically none. This thing is silent enough that the dog will come right up beside me while its in use. Second, speed. Man is this thing quick. My hair doesn't take very long to dry normally, so I can only imagine what a lifesaver this thing would be if I had long, thick hair.

And as for how it works? Fabulous. It takes away the need for most other hair tools. Even a brush! I blew dry my hair upside down one day using only my fingers and it had so much body it was like someone else's hair. I didn't even need to brush it because it fell perfectly into place. Or if I want to straighten my hair, all I need to do is blow it dry and use a brush. No flat iron needed for a salon worthy blowout. No more friz, no more flyaways.

I would like to make one disclaimer though: Remember, I was using a cheap-o dryer before. If you are a person who already owns a fairly expensive dryer, *cough*Ashley*cough* you may not be as impressed as I am with this amazing tool. For me though, this hair dryer changed my life ;-)


  1. I'm thimkimg of imposimg myself om you ome day so as to try this dryer. Bc I am ome of those people with THICK hair amd I hate dryimg it regularly so I typically dom't, them I get the frizzies =(

  2. i think you have convinced me to actually get one of these. i'm still using a cheap-o from tarjay (same with my curling iron) and i would probably love that little guy. thanks again for the heads up!

  3. I have been alternating nightly between my Super Solano and the T3. *drum roll* The SS is going on eBay and I will be keeping the T3. The T3 is sooo much quieter and lighter than Big Red. I <3 you Kate.

  4. Hair dryers have never been my friend. It brings on the frizz like no other.