Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Product Review: Matrix Amplify Full Body Texturizer

I am finally coming to terms with my hair. After years of fighting, we have signed a peace treaty and vowed to do no harm. I readily admit that I am the one who started the feud. Growing up, I had stick straight hair. No flip, no curl, no anything. Of course, this was the 80s and early 90s and curly hair was "in". I begged and pleaded for years to get a perm and was finally rewarded. My hair viewed this like the annexation of Czechoslovakia and launched a defensive attack. The front right section of my hair refused to "take" - even after several attempts. This meant that while most of my hair was curly, the front section hung like a wet towel - not the best look. Round 1: Kate 0, Hair 1.

When I was 15, my hair underwent a transformation and became a hot wavy mess. Flips, curls, uncontrollable. Of course, by this time everyone wanted straight and shiny hair. Desparate to tame it, I began blowing it dry and straightening it every day. Sure it took time, but at least it was straight! Until of course there was a drop of humidity in the air, or lunchtime - whichever came first.

Now I am embracing the wavyness of my hair and have learned both to control it so that I can have sleek straight hair, and bouncy curls. However, I rarely wear it wavy because I'm still lacking in the volume department. And for those of you having trouble picturing what flat wavy hair looks like:

Anybody else develop a sudden craving for spaghetti? Which brings us full circle back to my quest for the perfect volume producing product. We now know that Aveda is not my friend. But now I may have actually found something that is! So now my waves can look more like this:

Yay for truces! Me and my hair can finally be besties again!

What: Matrix Amplify Full Body Texturizer
How Much: $16.00
Where to buy: Any "beauty supply" store
Review: I seriously love this! It gives you "beach hair" which we all know is the best kind of hair to have. I spray it on after a shower and if I let it air dry I get full wavy hair. If I blow it dry I have thick straight hair - and I really mean thick - I can feel the difference when I run my fingers through my hair - there's actual texture there! And it lasts not just all day, but into the next day and through multiple trips to the gym! (well...2 trips...and 2 is more than 1). It gives me the hair I always wanted.


  1. i'm forever having a fight with my "wavy" hair, I'll have to invest in some.

  2. why, i think that's my boyfriend's girlfriend! ha! ;)

  3. Interesting! I'm intrigued by the wet-to-wavy description. I could use some of that!

  4. i was always the one whose hair took TOOK well to perm solution, hence the constant poodle look. no one ever listened to me. and yet, i still continued to get the damn perms.

    what was WRONG with me?

  5. $16 is still a lot for a hair product for this cheap-o.


    I must say you have had rather great hair the last few times I've seen you.

  6. When I first got my hair cut short, I bought a a 3-pack of the Amplify stuff. (Shampoo, Conditioner and Root Lift stuff) I loved it!

  7. I just bought some, thanks to your recommendation! So far, so good!

  8. I've lurked for a while but just had to post on this one! I think I'll be trying this product ASAP! Thanks!

  9. i have flat wavy hair and have dreamed of full wavy beach hair! without all that curling iron mess, because seriously - who has time for that? i will buy some!!! thank you!

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