Friday, January 11, 2008

Product Review: Olay Complete Moisturizer

One of my favorite beauty secrets is moisturizer. "That's a stupid secret," you say. "You're stupid," I say back. This goes on for hours as we vow never to speak again, cry, hug, and promise never to fight again. Then I fill you in on why moisturizer is a beauty secret.

1) As I alluded to in the Cetaphil review, your body tries to regulate itself in terms of moisture. When your skin is exceptionally dry, your skin says "Uh oh, better send out the big guns," and starts producing lots of oil. A lot of people with oily skin don't want to use moisturizer because "my skin is already oily" well duh! Your skin is telling your brain "I'm thirsty" because you're not moisturizing it! You can keep control of the messages your skin is sending my keeping it moisturized.

2) My mom looks like shes in her 30s. She's not. She hasn't been for a while (but we'll leave it at that). She doesn't have a wrinkle on her face, its soft, smooth, and I'd say pliable, but that makes her face sound like silly putty. It is clear that my mother has found the fountain of youth. Her two secrets? Moisturizer and Sunscreen. I combine the two and love Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion.

What: Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion
How Much: less than $10
Where to buy: Costco, your local supermarket, pharmacy....
Review: I have 2 qualifications for any moisturizer/lotion I put on my body. First it cannot be greasy. Second it must immediately absorb into my skin. Face mositurizer has an additional qualification of SPF protection. I wouldn't go out without clothes, doesn't my face deserve the same protection from the elements? This meets all my qualifications and at a super bargain price (especially if you're a coupon shopper like me which usuallu can give you discounts of at least $2!) It absorbs into my face so quickly, sometimes I wonder if I've used enough and put on a "second coat" which absorbs just as quickly as the first. Because of the quick absorbtion there's no greasy mess on my hands when I'm done applying. And of course, with SPF included I don't need to worry about sun, rain, or greenhouse gases (that IS what SPF protects against, right?) It doesn't have a very strong smell, instead it smells "clean" for lack of a better term. And cleanliness IS next to godliness, so perhaps it smells godly?


  1. I'm a skin care idiot, but I do know that moisturizer is important. I like mine, but maybe I'll give this a try when it's time to switch. Thanks for the tip. ;)

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  3. OOO is just am oldie but goodie. I have to agree that whem I failt to moistuerize at might, I get extra oily the mext day. Amd I also agree that your mom looks like she's im her 30's!

  4. i've been using this stuff for ages --- and yay for costco selling it even cheaper than tarjay! but, i gotta say, that abyssine cream from kiehl's is my new favorite. i guess i can still have 2 moisturizers that i love though.