Monday, January 07, 2008

Product Review: Aveda Phomollient

I really have a hard time spending any money on myself. Really. Anything I would buy for myself that's over $10 I put on a list, and wait for the nearest gift giving occasion to ask for it. This means I get eye cream for Valentines Day, books for my birthday, and so on. This next product is something that's been on my list for a while.

I have baby fine hair. It's really really thin. I'm lucky that I have enough of it where most people don't notice, unless of course its back in a pony tail when it becomes oh so obvious. Because its so fine, most of the time my hair just lies flat and lifeless. When I went to my hair and makeup trial before my wedding I told her I wantedbig Texas beauty queen hair. I didn't quite get it as high or full as I wanted, but I blame my hair, and the ridiculously humid weather that August morning. I hardly ever go a day without putting volumizer in it. I read about Aveda Phomollient a while ago which promised "weightless volume." This Christmas, I found it in my stocking! Whee! Big hair here I come!

What: Aveda Phomollient
How Much: $13.00
Where to buy: Aveda
Review: Smell. Inside this bottle, a war is being waged between mint and honey. Some days when I put it on I smell the mint. These are the good days. I like the smell of mint. Other days I put it on and all I can smell is the cloyingly sweet smell of honey. I do not like smelling like honey. It's almost a musky scent and I fear I'll attract bees or unsavory men.
The feel. In general, I like foam-y volumizers. I feel like they work well because they're so full of air. This one however gurgles out into my hand like a teenage boy on prom night, rather disapointing.
How does it work? I'm not very impressed. I don't find my hair to have anymore volume when I use this than without. I can actually get more volume out of my hair by blowdrying it upside down without using the volumizer at all. Oh yeah, on the plus side, it's definitely weightless.


  1. booo! i'm always on the lookout for stuff that'll give my hair more body and bounce.

    have you ever tried bumble and bumble thickening spray? my hairdresser uses it when i get my hair cut and it just makes my hair feel fuller. i haven't bought it yet, but i'm toying with the idea....

  2. We are on opposite sides of the hair trail. I seek to lessen the volume.