Wednesday, January 12, 2005

“Never inside, I didn’t lie in my heart.”

So the bad part of being sick is that is sucks. I'm tired, and I hate that I am going through about a million tissues. How much snot can one person produce? Seeeriously!

The good part about being sick is that I get to sleep. . . a lot. It's nice to stay in my nice warm cozy bed and be able to sleep whenever I get sleepy. But I better get better real quick cause school starts up again next week and somehow I can't see my teachers being real sympathetic to me sleeping in class. Not to worry though, I picked up some Tylenol severe cold and flu today and if that doesn't kick it... well I guess I'll still be sick. Here's to getting better!

Monday, January 10, 2005

“I don’t want realism. I want magic!”

This past week has been a lot of good things, but has left me totally drained (or that could just be whatever bug I picked up). Tuesday I got to go to Balboa park which is AMAZING! If I didn't have school till 4 every Tuesday I would so be there! There's nothing like free museums. In fact I may go again tomorrow. There is something so wonderful about museums. You can just go and take your time lookinng around. They're perfect by yourself, on a date, or with a group of friends. And I can think of so many worse ways to spend a day. It doesn't matter if it's raining or the sun is shining. Although Balboa park could only be more beautiful if it was bright and sunny. AND while we were there, Jon got THE CALL. I am now dating a District Attorney thank you for much. Well technically a deputy district attorney, but District Attorney sounds soooo much better. It's such a relief that he has a job. I love him no matter what, but he's so much more stable now AND he's so much closer.
Thursday we went to Little Italy which wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be, but it would be a great place to go out to dinner since there are a million restaurants. We also found this amazing Chocolate Shop where we had the best hot chocolate ever. It was like drinking liquid fudge!
And then last night we went to the most amazing concert. It started out with MC Lars who Jon loved and bought his cd. Then it was the Ridilin Kids. Frankly they had a very young band sound- meaning each person is so concerned with making sure they're heard that you can't hear a word the lead singer is singing. Then came the reasons we went, American Hi-Fi and Bowling for Soup. American Hi-Fi was great and full of energy. They played my favorite songs and when they were done Jon declared they were by far the best part of the concert, even better then the next band..... He quickly changed his mind. Bowling for Soup was A-MAZ-ING! Each song was better than the next. they played with the audience nonstop, and they played all my favorite songs. It was an incredible concert.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

“I’m not young and vulnerable any more.”

Well I had a very full day, a good way to start off the new year. I began with breakfast with 2 high school friends, Laura and Julia. Laura has recently become engaged making her the second to be contaminated with what must surely be an epidemic that has begun spreading like wildfire throughout the people who touch my life. After being only engaged for two weeks, Laura is already a font of knowledge of love and relationships. She has also already picked out the date and the place, and I'm sure the rest is not far behind. In a curious change of heart, my dear friend Julia has become less desirous to indulge in the same fate. After attending so many weddings over the course of the year she has decided that not only can true love wait, but that it must.
After breakfast with them I had lunch with two other high school friends. It was probably very selfish of me not to combine the two meetings so that everyone could catch up, but I wanted my separate time with them. Eliot, Sarah, Jon and I had lunch at the Elephant Bar. It is probably more enjoyable to eat there now that I don't work there. Sarah is looking remarkable considering the same day Laura got engaged, she was in a terrible car accident leaving her with whiplash, a broken nose, and worse, a broken car! And it was good to see El since he has been in the library all week studying for finals next week.
After lunch it was off to the rehearsal. I did sooooo good at being on time only to find out I was half an hour early!!!! But the rehearsal went well and I am beginning to get so excited for Christin and John. It's going to be beautiful and everything they deserve. It was also fun to goof around with Amy again. We're so bad when we're together! The boyfriends joined us and we went to the rehearsal dinner which was fabulous, and would have been even more fabulous if it were just a tad shorter because I am soooooooooo tired!!!!!! But it means I'll sleep well and be incredibly rested for tomorrow, and I know I'm going to need all my energy for tomorrow!