Thursday, November 10, 2005

White = wedding

So i've decided to resurrect this blog as my wedding journal, which is perfect becuase its called little WHITE lies and WHITE is for sure a wedding color. Right? So it's even wedding themed! Anyway there's so much that's been happening and I know I'll never remember all the crazy things that make me laugh now and since is the closest I will ever come to writing a book........

The Place
So maybe three years ago my mom had a dream that I got married at the Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach. This is funny because at the time she had never been there. When we announced our engagment, she brought it up again to which I replied "whoever pays for the wedding picks the location." So it turns out my parents are paying for the wedding. This was a HUGE (and very welcome) surprise for me and Jon because I love my parents, but they have never paid for anything. Remember how in Ferris Bueller he complains about not getting a car for his 16th birthday? Well not only did I not get a car, but ON my 16th birthday, both of my parents went out and got themselves new cars. Jon really wanted a location where he could see the ocean without being on the sand and without being beside a road. We both decided not to get married inside a church/synagogue. This pretty much left us with a wedding in Laguna or Dana Point. So mom and I went looking. She loved the Surf and Sand. Dad loved the Surf and Sand. It met all of Jon's criteria so the Surf and Sand it was. We also thought we would like to have a Rabbi and a priest officiate so that meant no Friday night and no Satuday morning and Satuday night would be cutting it a little close. Jon was upset. He wanted a Saturday at 3 wedding. The funny thing is, that wouldn't work anyway becuase the problem with hotels is that they have set wedding times...and 3 is right between the morning one and the evening one. So Sunday it was. Neither of us wanted a Sunday night wedding where the guests would have to leave early so Sunday morning was set (funny how this is EXACTLY what my mom wanted to begin with). Then came the big problem - the Surf and Sand wouldn't book a wedding until 1 year before. We asked how they decided...was it first come first serve? They said yes. We asked what time they got there so we could be the first and book it and she said she wasn't sure. So I went off to Europe with nothing booked and no more time to look. When I came back we spoke with them again and they said it wasn't first come first serve, it was whatever was in the best interest of the hotel. WHAT? Best intrest????? We showed up anyway to attempt to book it and we reminded her we were a Sunday day wedding and all of a suddent the curtains open. I guess becuase Sunday isn't so popular she was able to book us immediately. WHEW, first thing - done!