Sunday, January 06, 2008

Perfect Panty Candidate 2

One of the nice things about driving to San Diego everyday is passing the outlets. Especially when there's an underwear outlet store there! I picked up a couple of pairs of Bali's "Barely There" underwear for dirt cheap.

First I picked up a bikini for $6. The Barely There bikini is nylon/spandex and a little on the shiny side, but it still doesn't show through clothes because of its seemless quality. However, see that little band on the top? I don't love it. I don't love where it hits or the way it looks, these aren't near as comfortable as the cheap-o target ones.

I also needed to pick up a new thong - every woman needs a couple thongs. I wanted to get a "Barely there" one because of the seamless quality because no one wants visible panty lines (and I think thong visible panty lines are the tackiest kind). These are modal/cotton/spandex (I don't know what modal is to tell you the truth) and they were definitely more comfortable than the bikinis. And cheaper. They cost $2.99! Even still, they started doing the crawl as the day wore on - bleh. Still for $3, I might be able to bear it. Especially since Jon thought they were a lot cuter than the target bikinis.


  1. I'm such a grandma. I can't wear thongs. I find them so uncomfortable.

  2. I am gaspimg at wemo's commemt still. I got to your blog amd thought I had the wromg limk for a secomd. Lol.

  3. the funny thing about a thong though, is once you find one you love and get used to it, it is really hard to go back to regular bikinis. :P

    personally, i'm digging the target ones more than the bali ones too.

  4. Also try the Jockey outlet in Cbad. They have seamless thongs in tons of colors- I love them!!

  5. I hate buying underwear. You put a lot of thought into yours. You're a better woman than I am.