Saturday, January 05, 2008

Product Review: MAC brow set

I inherited some wonderful traits from my mother. Unfortunately, I also inherited her crazy eyebrows. I have absolutely no control over my eyebrows - at all. They are willful, they are high spirited, they are children who refuse to behave. This is especially true when a camera is around, which sucks for me, but is nice for you because there is documentation of how my eyebrows love to ruin a perfectly good picture.

Please notice how exactly as the camera snaps, my eyebrows start bending in twisting in every direction but normal. And these pictures are back when I was getting my brows waxed on a regular basis. When I was in high school, I controlled my crazy eyebrows by basically getting rid of them:

It wasn't my most attractive look. It took years to get them to grow back. Once they grew back I tried everything in the book to get them to behave - including hairspray. Finally I gave up. But since I'm going to start getting them waxed again on a regular basis, it only makes sense to try daily upkeep again too. I got MAC brow set for Christmas in clear and have been using it every day.

What: MAC Brow Set in Clear
How Much: $13.50
Where to buy: MAC or Nordstroms
Review: I really really really like this. I put it on in the morning and it holds my brows in place all day. My only complaint is that its a little sticky/stiff and makes my brows look glossy. Some people might like the gloss, but I think it draws attention to how dark my brows are. Hopefully once they start getting into shape though the glossiness will actually be attractive. Here's a picture from New Years. Note how both brows are posed and photogenic?


  1. I am coming out of lurkdom. I always read to see what yummy recipes you have but when I saw this I had to comment because I have the same issue. Stupid eyebrows. I'll have to try this stuff out. The only other thing I have found that works is this stuff I got at sephora called She Laq. Carina told me to try it when I cried the eyebrow blues to her.

  2. i have some stuff from damone roberts that i'm sure would be okay... if i ever used it, that is :|

    i am soooo loving the pinning picture!! that was the same year that my bff got pinned to her boyfriend and they're finally getting around to that whole marriage thing next fall. super cute dear.

  3. I haven't done anything with my eyebrows since August 12, 2008.

    And, frankly, I don't care if I have monster brows. ;)

  4. All I do is wax. Maybe I need to review some old pics to see if I'm out of control too.