Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Perfect Panty Candidate 3

I am a fantastic shopper. I know where all the best bargains and sales are to be found. Two of my all time favorite places to shop for sales are at J.Crew, and Gap. Back in college I'd go crazy during sale times. I mean you just can't beat $12 bathing suits, $2 tank tops, $15 jeans. $15 sweaters, etc. etc. etc.

So of course I had to hit Gap up and pick up a few pairs of underwears during their after Christmas sale.

I got a pair of printed cotton bikinis for $2.99. I let Jon pick out the print because I'd already learned my lesson about plain white bikinis. These are definitely a tie with the targets. They're oh so comfortable and cotton. These might have a leg up because they get the husband seal of approval. They're more similar to string bikinis than the Target ones - although I don't feel they are quite string bikinis because of the coverage in both front and back. I got the regular rise ones which are still low enough that they don't show when I sit down - which could be even worse than visible panty line. Cute and Comfy? I'd recommend these anyday.

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