Saturday, January 26, 2008

I love when its easy

There are people you meet who you instantly feel comfortable with. Its great when those people are a couple. It's even better when Jon likes them.

Most of Jon's current friends are the husbands of my friends. Before you go feeling bad for him, I should let you know, Jon is very lucky because my friends' husbands are fantastic.

After we meet a new couple, I inevitably grill Jon on what he thought of the husband. "Did you like him? Is he nice? Should we hang out with them more?" Matt passed this exam with flying colors.

Matt is the husband of my friend Aline. The two of them have been together forever, and you can tell because they're so comfortable with each other. Which makes them very easy to hang out with. Which makes having them over for dinner very easy.

Tonight we did a movie night with Matt and Aline. It doesn't get any easier than that. I threw together some veggies, Trader Joe's cornbread, and Cooking Light's 20 minute chili and dinner was served.

Matt and Aline brought dessert - fabulous Marie Callendar's chocolate silk pie and cheesecake, and movies. We tried to watch The Assassination of Jesse James.

It wasn't long before Jon was asking us "So what do you guys think of this movie" and "I won't be upset if we switch movies" and "No really, what do you guys think of this movie?" We switched movies to "I am Legend."

I am Legend was a much better movie, but I was disappointed in the ending.

It's been a long time since I've gotten to just sit, relax, and hang out with people I enjoy. It was such a nice change of pace, and it was so easy just sitting, talking and laughing. I hope there are a lot more of these kind of nights to come.


  1. Holy smokes you are a prompt blogger! =D

    Thank you for having us!

    So glad you linked the chili recipe by that way- I was about to email you for it.

    What a nice relaxing and fun evening tonight was!

    Bonus lots of doggie kisses!!!

  2. couple friends, laid back night in...sounds great!

  3. Who wouldn't love Aline and Matt?! :)

    I wish we lived closer, so Mr. Monkey could attempt the test. I feel like he and Jon would get along well.

  4. This is when I get sad that Young is so anti-social. :-\

    But I agree with could you not love Aline and Matt?!?

  5. friends, food, movies, AND silk pie?

    sounds like heaven.

  6. Nice and easy nights in with friends are the best! Lovin the look of that chili!

    Oh and I loved I am Legend but was definitely disappointed with the ending.

  7. I wish Hubbs and I could hang out with other couples like that. *sigh* Sounds like fun and I'm glad you got a chance to chill out with good company. :)

  8. Awww, sounds like you're a great hostess! :)