Thursday, January 10, 2008

Product Review: Cetaphil Face Wash

I have said it before, and I'll say it again - I never want to return to high school. High school was rough. Especially if you weren't a size 2 blonde cheerleader. It was even worse when you were the smarty who was requested not to join in during class games because otherwise the other kids wouldn't participate.

However, my cleansing routine in high school is definitely something I want to revisit. Who wouldn't want dewy, glowy skin again? I recently went back to an oldie, but a goodie. Cetaphil.

What: Cetaphil
How Much: $8.99 for the giganto size at Costco
Where to buy: Costco, your local supermarket, pharmacy....
Review: What's good about it - Cetaphil is super duper gentle. Good for all skin types, especially sensative skin. I really like it in the winter when my face gets extra dry. It's also supposed to help your skin maintin its natural pH balance. Scientifically, this should cause your skin to regulate itself oil wise so it doesn't overproduce oils, causing breakouts.
What's bad about it - I forgot that it doesn't foam. Boo. I have an erroneous belief (I know it's erroneous, but I don't care) that if it doesn't foam it's not cleaning. It's a comfort thing I think. Makes me feel like the cleanser is doing its job and not slacking off in the corner somewhere reading a magazine.


  1. I love Cetaphil, use it every morning. (at night I use something different because of all the make up i need to take off, haha). I hear you on the lack of foam though, I feel the same way. I use the daily face wash, for normal to oily skin, and that does produce a little foam, although not nearly as much as I would like :) Love the product reviews!

  2. Cetaphil is the best! Recommended to me by my dermatologist.

  3. This doesm't work om me. I have skim that practically meeds a brillo pad to cleam it, but I've heard it's the best gemtle cleamser for a great price.

  4. Another Cetaphil lover. I like your product reviews!

  5. I love this stuff and I am now going back to using it, other stuff just doesn't work for me as well.