Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding in the Windy City

Back when Thatbaby was born I decided we were going to hold off on plane travel for a year.  A year to get our bearings.  A year where we didn't have to carry everything we own onto a plane.

And then we got the invitation to AL's wedding.

AL was one of Thatboy's best friends in high school.  They remained close following graduation, although AL jaunted off to China around the time Thatboy ventured down to UCLA.  Like any great friendship, there would be periods of no contact, followed by times when the two would rekindle their relationship as though no time had passed.

AL was a groomsman in our wedding 6 years ago, following the breakup of a fairly long relationship.  We didn't hear much from him in that department since. 

Except last year when Thatboy called AL to tell him about the pregnancy, AL had news of his own.  He was planning on proposing to his girlfriend.  She didn't start out as his girlfriend.  She was a coworker turned roommate turned girlfriend, and so wasn't ever on our radar.  (In fact, the wedding was the first time we met her!)

We couldn't miss the wedding, even if it meant traveling with Thatbaby, his pack 'n play, stroller, and carseat in addition to our luggage.

And the wedding was certainly unusual.

When we entered we were given a balloon, a pin, and told to head over to the bar because the bride wanted us to have a drink during the ceremony.

The officiant was from the Church of Latter Day Dude.

Yes - she wore a bathrobe.

And drank shots from a flask on her way down the aisle.

We popped the balloons at the end of the ceremony - and yes, I screamed.  Even though I knew it was coming.  I hate balloon popping.

There was a full bar, but very little food.  Which meant I was quite fun by the end of the night. 

Thank goodness for Thatmom and pre-pumped bottles of milk in the fridge for Thatbaby!

And my number one complaint about the wedding?  There was no cake.  No cake at a wedding?  I think that means the wedding doesn't count. 


  1. LOL. I use the milk test strips you can buy in Target to test my milk the day after I drink (just to make sure).

    Mother of the Year over here... hehe.

    What is with no cake?!

  2. What an interesting wedding ceremony! Glad you got out, lugged that luggage, chugged a few, and had a good time.


  3. Probably the most irreverent wedding I have ever read about. Hilarious, but I wouldn't wanna be her mom. XO

  4. Totally worth the trip! That sounds kinda like the most fun wedding ever. Minus this no cake business.

  5. love this wedding, not like any I have been to but what a blast. Sounds like you had fun.

    You also ate well. I am jealous.