Friday, July 08, 2011

Welcome Back!

Oh wait, YOU haven't been gone for weeks on end. That was me. And it has been a busy couple of weeks. I started a new project which is great, but time consuming. And being out of town on the weekends means I am, as usual, backlogged on everything home related. Not so hot considering that we're moving in a few short weeks and currently have 2 boxes packed. Luckily we'll be home the next couple weekend and I'm planning on really digging in on the packing.

While I'm busy packing/cleaning/and doing a bunch of uninteresting things, I'll keep you entertained with some of our exploits from the past month.

First, there was the fair. My May doctor's appointment was the day after food-truck-palooza, which was probably not great for me. I wanted to make sure we waited to go to the fair until after the June appointment. Especially since the June appointment involved a test to see if I had developed Gestational Diabetes. Didn't want to jinx anything.

But of COURSE we weren't going to miss the fair. Not when there was so much fun stuff to see! Things like MMA Fighting.

Yeah, this definitely wasn't my thing. But Thatboy REALLY wanted to watch at least one fight. And I am the best wife ever. So the next event was for me. Mostly because there were bales of hay to sit on while we watched.

Turkey Racing!

That little red truck is filled with food, so the turkeys all chase it in a mad race.

Such crazy birds. After the race they do a lap around the course preening and cooing. (Do turkeys coo? I know they gobble, but gobbling isn't really how they attract mates right? I mean it does nothing for me, but I'm not a young turkey anymore).

We watched some musical numbers, but weren't terribly impressed.

And of course, there was the FOOD!

Thatboy and I split this ENTIRE BRICK OF FRIES. Topped with chili and cheese. And it was delicious. (Well it must have been delicious for us to eat the entire thing. Honestly we are still pretty impressed with ourselves.)

I followed this up later that night with my time honored fair tradition - funnel cake. And I can say that I didn't share this with Thatboy. And I paid for it later. I'm not great with fried food - in general it doesn't cross my digestive system often. And when it does, "cross" is the appropriate word. Cross, angry, disruptive...we don't get along. This was no exception!

Thatboy decided to forgo his usual "weird fried object" for dessert. Instead he opted for just a classic ice cream sundae. He slept through the night like a baby. Figures, right?


  1. The fair is always a fun time!!!

  2. I love fair food! I wish I were in San Diego...I'd totally help you pack. Good luck with the move!

  3. Well, I'm just glad you're back. cause I missed you every day. For the record.

    I also kinda miss funnel cake. Haven't had that stuff in FOREVER.

  4. Glad you are back! That brick of fries ... That is some crazy fair food. Fries plus funnel cake would cause most tummy pain. Still kinda really want funnel cake.

  5. Hmm, having problems commenting. :(

    Holy moly, brick of fries! Never seen anything like it.