Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Runday: Athleta Blogging Event

I don't really consider myself a fitness blogger.  I mean really, I post once a week about running and then the rest of the week it's all the little trivialities about my life.  I mean I'm more of a "me me me" blogger than any specific category.

But my friend SD Mom included me in a facebook group for local fitness bloggers, so I guess that makes me legitimate?  The group offers lots of opportunities in the local scene, but not being as well known as many of the other members, I always get hesitant about checking them out.  When Melissa posted about wanting to do an event at our local Athleta store, I thought it would be great fun, but got a little intimidated when they started asking about blog stats and social media presence  (twitter?  instagram?  I'm like your grandmother when it comes to social media.  Be thankful I don't start every blog post with a "Dear_____" and end with my signature.)

So SD Mom offered to just register me as her guest.  Fine by me!  She also suggested we go for a run before the event.  Because that's what everyone wants to do, right?  Go for a nice long run before an hour long yoga class at a place where you will be trying on clothes. 

Truthfully though, with car troubles last weekend, and 3 grueling weeks of trial I haven't been able to get out much for a run, and I haven't seen SD Mom in ages, so I happily agreed, warning her it would be slow going.  And it was!  Our 2 hour run covered just over 7 miles.  7 very hilly miles.

After we finished.  We headed over to Athleta.  Athleta is GAP's latest branch - featuring a line of women's athletic and athletic-inspired clothing.  It's pretty new to the San Diego scene, with this store being the first and open for just under a year.  The line is reputed to be a bit higher end than the fitness wear available through GAP or Old Navy, and I was anxious to check it out.

The store had set up to give us room for a yoga class and of course there was a table of breakfast treats set out to the side.

We gathered for a quick photo opp before heading to our mats and getting into the thick of it.

Honestly, this was my first time doing yoga since last November, and it's much different third trimester than it was first!  I had to do a lot of modifications - especially with so many moves done on the stomach!
From AthletaUTC

After we finished the class, they turned us loose in the store with a special discount of 50% off up to three items.  And as an added bonus, we didn't have to buy all three items at the time.  Which I both love and hate. On the one hand, it's so difficult for me to shop right now, on the other, we only have 30 days to use it, and I don't plan on being un-pregnant 30 days from now!  So I decided to pick up some things for after, because eventually I'm going to be wearing non maternity clothes.

Wailea Chai Tank and Straight Up Capris

As a side note - although not maternity wear, at least for the next week or so the length of the Chai Tank still covers my entire belly!  And Thatkid loves it, he thinks it is "so pretty" and he as upset when I took it off to put on my actual shirt for the day.

They also loaded us up with other goodies, like a swag bag, and a yoga mat.  Since I've already got 2 yoga mats, which Thatkid is obsessed with, I decided to donate this one to him.  He has been carrying it around ever since, even insisting we bring it up to Thatmom's house with us!


  1. Sounds like great fun-Yoga even with modifications probably feels pretty when youa are pregnant. Just a little while longer and you will be back on the run.

    Happy Sunday.

  2. Aww you shouldn't feel intimidated about going to these events! I totally think you're a legit fitness blogger...and a way more realistic one than many of the other people out there who seem to be more fitness machines than humans.