Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Crave Wednesday: Beefy Caprese Burger

Happy Passover!  I know, it's a little late.  But we've been "celebrating" since Friday night at our annual family seder.

Passover always means a little change in routine.  This year it's meant I have to pack lunch for Thatkid since his school usually provides.  And the menu this week includes hot dogs, spaghetti, and bean burritos.  All of which contain things he can't have during Passover.

Passover also means a bit of a change in Crave Wednesdays, which, as of late, has been featuring pizza recipes.  Pizza isn't terribly Passover friendly, and although I could adapt a pizza recipe to involve matzah, it's just not the same.

So instead I'm skipping over to the burger chapter.  Because burgers are just as delicious without the bun.  This burger is a take on the classic caprese - mozzarella and tomatoes topped with basil and a drizzle of olive oil.  It's a family favorite.  Thatbrother still uses it as his go-to appetizer and the thing he brings to every party.  Even Thatboy, who is not a fan of tomatoes, loves some fresh heirloom tomatoes and cheese.  So putting it atop a burger makes everyone happy.  Thatkid even peeled off his tomatoes to eat them first - and asked for more!

Beefy Caprese Burger (From Cooking Light)
1 lb ground beef
4 oz fresh buffalo mozzarella
2 tsp olive oil
1 heirloom tomato
fresh basil
  1.  Heat a grill pan over medium high heat.  Season ground beef with salt and pepper and form into 4 patties.  Grill for 4 minutes per side.
  2. Slice mozzarella and place a slice on top of each burger, cook for another minute.
  3. Remove burgers from heat.  Slice tomato and place 2 slices of tomato on each burger.
  4. Top each burger with basil and a drizzle of olive oil.


  1. I actually prefer my burgers sans buns...let's the burger flavors really shine through!