Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Runday: Tu-Tu Fun

If you're a runner, you've probably heard all about the Self Magazine Tutu Controversy.  If you're not a runner I'll briefly summarize.  Self Magazine ran a blurb in their magazine talking about the ridiculousness of the trend to wear a tutu when running.  To highlight their point, the showcased a feature of a woman running the LA Marathon in a tutu.  The problem with this article?

1) The magazine never revealed that they were using the picture to mock the runner when asking her permission to run it.

2)  The woman, a San Diego runner, makes these tutus to support Girls on The Run, a charity whose mission is to "inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident" through running.

3) The woman, who was dressed as Wonder Woman, was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.  This was her first marathon running since the diagnosis.

4) The woman was running a MARATHON.  That's over 26 miles.  You know what?  If you're running 26 miles and want to run naked, I'll support you.  It's 26 MILES.  That's a commitment.  Anything you want to wear to help you get there is A-OK with me.  Although to be fair, I find this to be true of all running distances.  If it helps you meet your goal, then wear whatever you want.  After all, if it's acceptable to run in this:

Then really, can we be making fun of someone running in a tutu?

My running group, led by the intrepid SDMom decided we should do something to support Monika, the Tutu Runner.  (All the photos below were taken by SDMom).

Bright and shiny yesterday morning a group of us met to run.  In tutus.

We bought or borrowed tutus, made our own, or made for each other, but every member of the group that showed up donned their gay apparel.

After taking copious amounts of pictures, we were off.

We ran different mileage.  Some ran 3 miles, some were aiming for 15.  But we all had one thing in common - a lot of tulle around our waists. 

I came to a realization while running with a tutu.  Self Magazine claimed that tutus made the wearers feel like they would be faster.  Which is ridiculous.  No one runs in a tutu because they think it makes them faster.  They run in tutus because it makes it more fun.  Tutus bring a lot of attention.  We all found that as we made our laps around the lake.  Some of that attention is good for the runner.  As people run by, they smile and shout words of encouragement- and that makes you feel good.  But some of the attention is good for others too.  Because when you see someone running in a "ridiculous" outfit.  It makes you smile.  And maybe forget the mileage you're run or have ahead of you.  And in that sense, you're giving as much as you're getting.  In the scheme of things, what you run in shouldn't matter to anyone, as long as you're comfortable in it.  But if it brings a smile to your face, or someone else, then how can anyone tear it down?


  1. I don't get why people, in general, feel the need to judge something so benign as a layer of clothing someone chooses to wear. Regardless of this woman's reasons for wearing a tutu (which are all valid in and of themselves), it isn't hurting anyone.

  2. I am SO annoyed at Self magazine for a number of reasons but first and foremost because the whole point of the magazine (I thought) was to empower women and write articles to help them to be their stronger, better selves. And the way to do that is not to make fun of women who are doing great things, like running 26.2 miles (or any distance). I can safely say I will never be purchasing a Self magazine again or making any of their recipes.