Friday, March 21, 2014

Hava narishah - rash, rash, rash

You may not be familiar with the title of this post, but in Thathouse we have been hearing this song on repeat for weeks.  It's a traditional Purim song that apparently is very popular with the toddler set.

And since last weekend was Purim, last week we all attended the Purim Carnival at Thatbaby's school.  This is a pretty big deal at the school.  They really go all out.  To begin with, the preschool playground was converted into an Animal wonderland, complete with pony rides and a petting zoo.  Thatbaby loved petting the chickens, pigs, goats, and sheep, but the highlight was definitely getting to hold a rabbit on his lap.  The rabbit was fond of Thatbaby too as he nuzzled up close to Thatbaby's neck.  And I was so proud of my little guy in riding the pony all by himself.  He was so excited, he didn't even demand Thatboy and I walk with him.  He just sat and enjoyed the ride.

The elementary school parking lot had been turned into a little fair.  Little only in that it was limited by area.  There were two giant bouncy slides like the one pictured above, so no lines for crazy fun.  There was a bounce house just for jumping.  Other inflatable gear meant for the older children who could play gladiator, or bungee.  An inflatable bucking cow (Thatbaby was not a fan of), and all sorts of ride on toys for the kids to play with.  They had tents providing snacks for everyone.  Thatbaby had popcorn, an ice cream sandwich, and a hamentaschen.  They also did some face painting.

Thatbaby requested his face to be painted like one of the older girls he went to school with, which entailed swirlies and hearts.  He also wanted purple hair.  He also apparently requested a butterfly on his nose while it was being done.  He took it very seriously, holding ever so still as she painted his face with his two favorite colors - purple and brown.  Afterwards he took advantage of some of the carnival games that were set up for the kids to play with.  And after all that, there was a circus performance for the kids to watch.  Although, towards the end of that he was curled up on my lap - obviously worn out from the morning's activities.


  1. Wow! What an event. They sure go all out for Purim at that daycare. I remember just parading around in our costumes in elementary school.

  2. I'm with you all. They really go all out to make the day memorable.

  3. I didn't even know what Purim was when I was in elementary school! Very cool that they celebrate so much at ThatBaby's school!