Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Runday: Currently Training For

The 10/20 is over.  My taper weeks are done.  Now it's time to ramp it back up to The Safari Park Half Marathon

I'm continuing with the training schedule I had for the 10-miler, in that I'm doing low mileage during the week and then adding a mile on to my long weekend runs.  However, I'm not running in the mornings anymore, as I've already noted.  I tend to get in around 2.7 miles a day now that I'm going during the workday.  I've also incorporated my speedwork during my weekday runs, since I don't have a dog that's slowing me down.  So this is where I am:

Monday: 2.7 miles
Tuesday: 2.7 miles
Wednesday: 2.7 miles
Thursday: 2.7 miles
Friday: 2.7
Saturday/Sunday: One of these days I do my "long run" which started at 6 miles and will go up to 12 miles.  Yesterday I did 9, which was a couple more than I had on my calendar.  BUT I love doing long runs with others, so when L&O told me she was going to do 9, I changed up my plans so I could join her.  I'll switch out my 9 mile planned run for the 7 I was going to do yesterday.  I'm sure it won't hurt me to vary up my mileage so I'm not constantly climbing.  The up and down in mileage is a nice way to not burn out.   The other day I'm using for cross-training, pilates to be exact.  I really love the fact that since I've been doing pilates I haven't had any back issues.  Given my history of back problems aggravated by running, I'm pretty amped about that.

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  1. I love alternating really long runs with shorter long runs, for recovery. It definitely also keeps me from getting mentally burned out!