Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Night Off

Working moms* have it rough.  Because you're not "off work" when you're off work.  I work all day, then come home, and have to deal with my 2-year old boss.

The weekends are just as exhausting as the weekdays.  There's no sleeping in, and it's the only time you have to get everything done errand-wise or around the house.   I do try to plan some social events with my friends for the weekends, but our kids are always involved.   Which means there's a lot of mommy-ing, and less catching up.

So I really relish nights when I can go out with my friends, or heck, even Thatboy, and leave being a mommy behind for the night.

And that's really what this March is all about!  Last week I had a date night with Thatboy AND a night out with the girls.  A lot of wine was drunk last week.   This week I have a fun night of painting and margaritas with some ladies from my running group - I'll update more after it happens.

Is it strange that my nights out all involve alcohol?  If you answered no, then you're probably a working mom too.

*This is not a comparison between working moms and moms who stay home and therefore have a workday from "when the kid gets up" to "when the kid finally goes to sleep."  This is a comparison between working moms and working non-moms.

*Also, Jennie - you won the Maida Heatter cookbook, but I have no way of contacting you!   So shoot me an email on the "contact me" portion of my profile and I'll get that right out to you.

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